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MS in Civil Engineering USA

MS in Civil Engineering in the USA is considered a STEM course. It can be pursued both full-time and part-time by the students. A full-time course generally has a duration of nine months to two years. The subject deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure of everyday life.

  • MS in Civil Engineering USA

MS in Civil Engineering USA : An Overview

MS in Civil Engineering in USA is a STEM course that can be pursued full-time and part-time by students around the world. Anyone having an understanding of designing and building structures with a bachelor’s in civil engineering or a related field can apply for this program. A GRE score above 300 may also be required for admission to some USA universities offering masters in civil engineering. Its time period ranges between 9 months to 2 years for a full-time degree.

MS in Civil Engineering USA universities costs somewhere around 13,800 USD to 149,080 USD or 10.14 lakhs – 1.09 crores INR. Foreign students can avail scholarships to study MS in Civil Engineering in the USA. The entry-level salary of a civil engineer in this country is approximately 47,000 USD (34.5 lakhs INR) per annum which can go up to 135,000 USD (99.2 lakhs) per year with experience.

Why study MS in Civil Engineering USA ?

The universities in USA are well known because of their excellent quality of education globally. Most of the US universities have been ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2023.

As a civil engineering student you also get the opportunity to study from the skilled professionals and practices under their guidance.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be a 8% job growth of civil engineers in between 2020 to 2030. The projected employment opportunities are approximately 25,300 between this duration.

MS in Civil Engineering USA : Cost and Duration

Cost of study for an international student can be broadly categorized into pre-departure and post-departure costs. The pre-departure cost includes the cost of various exams taken for studying in USA, application fees, airfare, visa fees, and others. The tuition fees of the university will contribute most to the post-departure cost. These are the expenses you will have to pay once you have landed in the USA. This will also include the cost of living in USA.

Tuition Fees for MS in Civil Engineering in USA:-

The tuition annual fees for some of the top-ranking universities in USA offering MS civil engineering ranges between 13,800 USD to 74,540 USD. To support your education finacially, you can also apply for various loans available for international students planning their studies in USA.

Cost of Living in USA:-

The cost of living in the USA is higher compared to other countries. It is estimated to be approximately 10000 USD to 12000 USD per annum. The spending is varied based on the taste and preferences of the students, more specifically it is depending upon the room rent, and on the food habit. The choice of student accommodations opted while in USA is also an important factor that decides your cost of living.


MS in Civil Engineering USA : Scholarship

The inflation rate of the USA has been increased from 1.5% to 2.3% from the year 2010 to 2020. Consequently, the tuition fees of the universities have also been increased. Thus, international students look for various sources to fund their education. Some of the options are loans, scholarships, bursaries, part-time work, etc.


MS in Civil Engineering USA vs MS in Civil Engineering in India



Course Fee


Entrance Exams Accepted

Language Proficiency Test

Work Experience

MS in Civil Engineering USA

9 months to 2 years

13,800 USD to 149,080 USD

Bachelors in Civil Engineering with 63%



Depends on colleges, some might prefer a work experience of 1-3 years

MS in Civil Engineering India

2 Years

INR 60,000 to 6,50,000

Bachelors in Civil Engineering



Not Required

MS in Civil Engineering USA Programs Eligibility​

Bachelors in Civil Engineering

At least 45%-50% aggregate marks at the graduation level

May require to have a graduation degree along with 1-2 years of professional experience

MS in Civil Engineering USA : Job Opportunities

Most of the highest-paid civil engineers in the USA are working with the oil and gas extraction industries. On the other hand, the highest-paid positions in the USA are Houston, Texas, Hinesville, Midland, and Georgia. 

The median pay scale of the civil engineers in the US is 86,640 USD per annum after completion of the MS. The maximum and minimum pay scale of the civil engineers of the USA is $112850 and $67430 respectively. 

Apart from the above-mentioned professions, the career path of environmental engineer and construction manager are very sharp. The projected growth rate of environmental engineers and construction managers in is 8% and 11% respectively. Hence, studying MS in civil engineering in this country can give you a vast opportunity to explore your career path in a better way. In addition, the rising employment rate of the country supports the increase in the career growth rate of civil engineers correspondingly.


MS in Civil Engineering USA : Major specializations

Landscape Planning
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering

MS in Civil Engineering USA : Application Process

Since many colleges in abroad are competing with quality education and maintaining their high standards, selecting the best might be a hard task for you. Applying for Master degree in abroad seems to be overwhelming but it’s not. Yes, with the proper guidance and early endeavors, you will be able to make it very smooth. To make it even simple, we formulated the entire process in five simple steps.

Step 1 – Have broad research about the different specializations available in various colleges. You can get guidance from the top experts in the education field to get an additional glimpse on selection. Colleges Helpline has partnered with the leading universities in abroad which helps you make the right decision on a particular university.

Step 2 – You will have enough time duration to prepare for your standardized exams required to study abroad. English proficiency test IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and CAEL need to be attended.

Step 3 – In common, it is recommended to apply early to avoid a last-minute rush. You need to fill out the application form as well as submit essential documents.

Step 4 – Time to relax and wait for the offer letter from the universities you had applied for. Once you receive the offer, you can choose to accept and then proceed for the 1st payment of fees (self or education loan) as per university norms.

Step 5 – You’re all set! Apply for Visa, avail scholarship, book flight tickets, and attend pre-departure briefing session .

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