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MS in Computer Science USA

MS in Computer Science in USA is a 1-2 year course offered by around 400 universities across the country. International Students looking to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the USA need to have a four-year bachelor’s degree with academic score above 88%. All universities in USA offer admissions to international students through 2 main intakes- Fall and Winter.

  • MS in Computer Science USA

MS in Computer Science USA : An Overview

The field of Computer Science boosts innovation to bring about constructive changes around the world. There is intense demand for computer professionals having deep, fundamental understanding of computer and information systems. With an MS in Computer Science in USA, you can take your place at the forefront of computing research, education, or industry.
Apart from theoretical knowledge, the top universities in USA for MS in Computer Science also equip students with expertise through hands-on experience and working with world-class faculty members. And, if you are also aspiring to be part of MS in CS in USA this blog will surely guide you in the right direction. Here we have discussed top universities in USA for MS in Computer Science, including their eligibility criteria, admission process, cost, career prospects and much more.

Why study MS in Computer Science USA ?

While tuition fees are much higher when compared to other countries, American universities and colleges are often ranked among the best academic institutions in the world.

Being a huge tech hub, it’s no surprise that America offers any Computer Science degree you can think of. Some are more popular than others, but they all lead to well-paid in-demand jobs.

It’s true that tuition fees are rather high in the United States; many Computer Science programmes cost over 40,000 EUR per year, with some going as high as 65,000 EUR.

US colleges and universities know how important it is to help students acquire practical knowledge; that’s why most of them have partnerships with local companies from the tech sector.

After graduation, you’ll have no problems finding a job in the US. Companies are always looking for new candidates to fill their available positions, and they are willing to pay top-dollar to the best graduates.

MS in Computer Science USA : Cost and Duration

The college-wise fee details have already been discussed in the above section, but for an international student, it is also very important to know about the living cost in the USA, as it adds a handsome amount to the overall budget.

Tuition fees for MS in Computer Science in USA

The average cost of studying MS in computer science in the USA is around 78,000 USD for the total program, with a minimum cost of 13,272 USD for the total program at the University of California- Berkeley to a maximum of 141,000 USD for the total program in Yale University.


MS in Computer Science USA : Scholarship

Education costs combined with living expenses in the USA are quite costly, particularly for those from countries that have much lower exchange rates. In spite of the significant expense of study, the USA offers many scholarships for international students to assist and support their education monetarily. Your living and tuition costs can be outfitted fully or partially relying upon a couple of factors as mentioned below:

  1. Scores of the Entrance Exams directly affect your scholarship amount.
  2. Recommendation letters, co-curricular activities, and achievements also play a crucial role.

MS in Computer Science USA vs MS in Computer Science in India



Course Fee


Entrance Exams Accepted

Language Proficiency Test

Work Experience

MS in Computer Science USA

2 Years

40,000 USD to 60,000 USD

60% in bachelor’s degree



A minimum of 2 to 3 years

MS in Computer Science India

2 Years

₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 a year

bachelor’s degree



Not Required

MS in Computer Science USA Syllabus:

Distance online Master Degree for working professionals’ syllabus comprises core subjects and elective subjects that differ as per the specializations. 


*This only reflects the general syllabus for this and similar courses. For exact syllabus please refer to the course details section on the specific university page.

MS in Computer Science USA Programs Eligibility

Graduation degree from a recognized university

At least 45%-50% aggregate marks at the graduation level

May require to have a graduation degree along with 1-2 years of professional experience

MS in Computer Science USA : Job Opportunities

The typical job role of a computer science graduate is around computer and software technologies, which deals with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, software development, networking and big data management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly pay of a Computer and Information Research Scientist is around 118,000 USD, whereas the average yearly salary of a Hardware Computer Engineer is around 114,000 USD/year.

Graduates from MS in Computer Science from USA can expect a salary increment of around 9% every 15 months. The demand for professionals in this field is expected to grow by around 16% between 2018-2028 as per the recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For working in the USA you will require a work permit.

MS in Computer Science USA : Major specializations

Data Science
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing

MS in Computer Science USA : Application Process

Since many colleges in abroad are competing with quality education and maintaining their high standards, selecting the best might be a hard task for you. Applying for Master degree in abroad seems to be overwhelming but it’s not. Yes, with the proper guidance and early endeavors, you will be able to make it very smooth. To make it even simple, we formulated the entire process in five simple steps.

Step 1 – Have broad research about the different specializations available in various colleges. You can get guidance from the top experts in the education field to get an additional glimpse on selection. Colleges Helpline has partnered with the leading universities in abroad which helps you make the right decision on a particular university.

Step 2 – You will have enough time duration to prepare for your standardized exams required to study abroad. English proficiency test IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and CAEL need to be attended.

Step 3 – In common, it is recommended to apply early to avoid a last-minute rush. You need to fill out the application form as well as submit essential documents.

Step 4 – Time to relax and wait for the offer letter from the universities you had applied for. Once you receive the offer, you can choose to accept and then proceed for the 1st payment of fees (self or education loan) as per university norms.

Step 5 – You’re all set! Apply for Visa, avail scholarship, book flight tickets, and attend pre-departure briefing session .

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